Saturday, May 15, 2010

More Fyrinnae Love: Swatches!

I'm obsessing a little over all the gorgeous Fyrinnae eyeshadows - in case you hadn't noticed ;)

I'm still amazed at how big a color selection they have and how complex and unique their shadows are. They're really just gorgeous! :)

This time, I also have a swatch of one of their Lip Lustres to share. I'm really looking forward to trying it out on my lips :)

Let's get on to the swatches ;)

As always, you can click on the pictures to see a bigger version.

I swatched these on bare skin and on top of the ArtDeco eyeshadow base.
If you wanted the shimmer or glitter in any of these to show up even more, Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy is a great product! I still have plans for a review on that, but we'll see when I get the time :)

  • Omgwtf: "Bright shimmery chartruese."
  • We're all mad here: "Luscious, sparkling chartreuse! Similar to our ever-so-popular "Omgwtf" (though a bit more green), but with green and gold sparkles and shimmer, it's twinkling like a teatray in the sky"
  • Dressed to Kill: "Glimmering, glowing deceptive gilded green "duocolor", this shade is similar in hues to our Aztec Gold, but more vibrant, silky and with flashes of gold and green sparkle"
  • Aztec Gold: "Stunning metallic coppery gold over a green base"
  • Lucky Charmed: "Lush, metallic greenish gold with flecks of green throughout."
  • Tyr: "Difficult to describe, this is a chartreuse-on-black. It has a distinct opaque black base, especially when applied wet, with a highlight of yellow-green. Somewhat more of a soft green when applied dry, but gives a striking acid-green appearance when applied wet. In the jar looks close to The Staggering Sailor, but it does not have a green base.

  • Avenging Salem: "Opaque black filled with vibrant deep pink sparkle and shimmer"
  • Free sample: Immortality:  "Litterally a rainbow of sparkle in black!"
  • Pumpkin Fire: "Another black-with-sparkle shade along the lines of Biker Chic, Dokkálfar, etc, but this one is a brilliant coppery-orange sparkle and shimmer in opaque, yet blendable black"
  • Biker Chic: "Turquoise-blue sparkles on a black base can create a fun glittery look, or apply wet for foil-like glam"

  • Sluagh: "Dark violet with a bright copper shimmer"
  • Freya: "Along the lines of Oberon in effect, and Merlot in colour, but much more brilliant, this shade is a wine-pink (burgundy-purple?) glowing shimmer on black. It has a soft black base, especially when applied wet, but apply dry and you can get a more muted appearance" 
  • Herbivore: "Light purple with a light green highlight. Similar to Cupcake Sprinkles' base hue, but a warmer, slightly deeper version" 
  • Meerkat: "...? no idea why. ;) Vibrant pink-purple with gold shimmer and sparkle highlight."
  •  Adam & Steve's: "Bright teal-green with a soft blue shimmer and sparkle highlight."
  • Boytoy: "Our most sparkly green! Varying hues of vibrant green on black make this a stunning shade"
  • Envy Me: "Soft tan-taupe with a subtle green sheen." 
  • Arcane Magic Velvet Vampire: "This shade is a complex red that varies between molten cool crimson and a firey phoenix-red, all laced with gold sparkle and glimmer. Bring it closer to light or change the angle, and it turns to a metallic glittering gold with subtle "underhues" of copper"
  • Daemon's Tail: "(a play on the name of Angel's Tale...among other things) A rich combination of purple and gold. Not purple with gold shimmer, or vice-versa, but a velvety mix of different shades, which adds a burgundy hue in as well"
  •  Arcane Magic Faerie Glamour: "Violet base with an aqua shimmer that changes to a bright pink when closer to light"
  • The Fancy Lad: "Vivid warm pink with a green sparkle highlight. Similar to Love Potion and Dryad, but much brighter and more sparkly." 
  • Rapunzel Had Extensions: "Stunning golden pink-peach (looks pink in the jar). Photos don't show it well enough, but in low light it's a great warm highlight shade , but as soon as the light hits it, wow! It's a vibrant gleaming pale gold"
  • Bifrost: Brilliant yellow, filled with coordinating yellow sparkle and a touch of contrasting pale blue and green sparkle. 
  •  Lip Lustre: Mini Pink Guitar: "Visual Style! Pink Guitar is a rich medium pink. Virgin Mojito scent"

I really need to stop buying this much at a time. It takes way too long to do haul/swatch posts, haha!

Comment time :)
  • Have you tried any of these colors? How did you use them?
  • What are your favorite Fyrinnae shades?
  • Have you created looks using any of these shades?
  • Or do you have any looks you'd like to see with them?


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