Thursday, May 20, 2010

Collective Haul: MAC, OPI, GOSH

My super sweet colleague Marie Louise went to Hamburg this past weekend and she was sweet enough to bring me a couple of things form the To The Beach collection (which isn't being released here until June 15th for whatever reason), and I'm really excited!
She also brought me an OPI polish that I'd been wanting and a nailpolish remover with a pretty interesting smell... ;)

This post is both the things Marie Louise brought me from Hamburg but also a couple of things I've picked up at MAC at home as well as a few GOSH things I just found on sale today :)

From To The Beach:
  • Hipness Blush
    I remember when this came out with Fafi and I don't know why I didn't get it back then! I'm just glad I got another chance :)
    It's a really nice mix of coral and pink. I think it works pretty well on my pale skin but I'm sure it'd look gorgeous with a tan in the summer as well!
  • Temperature Rising lip pencil
    I don't have anything like this already! It's such an amazingly bright orange lip liner!
  • Flurry of Fun lipglass
    This is pretty sheer, but the teal sparkles in a light orange-y base is pretty unique and can give some pretty unique lip combos!

Other MAC:
  • Just Add Colour lipglass (from the Prep for Colour collection)
    I'm a sucker for bright pink lips! I guess that says it all!
  • Viva Glam Special Edition Lipglass
    I really wanted to get one of these before we sold out of them or had to send them back. I guess the counter really isn't supposed to have them anymore.
  • NC15/NW20 Chromagraphic pencil (from the Prêt-à-Papier collection)
    It's just the perfect light pencil the the waterline! :)
    It works really well to highlight underneath the eyebrow too!

  • Pearl of Wisdom
    I'd been wanting this since I saw a swatch of it (don't remember where) on top of a black polish. It's super pretty like that but I quite like it on its own as well.
    Oh, and right now I'm wearing it on top of China Glaze Kiwi Cool-Ada! :D

Polish remover from a brand called Essence

  • Sea Me effect powder
    This is a pretty interesting blue! Not quite bright blue but still very blue, if that makes sense. I guess it's more of a grey-ish blue?
  • Sparkling Pearl crystal'eyes eye pencil
    I really like the GOSH Velvet Touch Eyeliners and I actually thought that this was one of those when I picked it up! It wasn't, but the texture of the pencil is still really smooth so I'm happy :)
  • Pure Pink tropical eye pencil
    This is an exciting eyeliner :) It's a quite bright pink but it has a duochrome effect to it that reminds me of MAC Stars n Rockets eyeshadow :)


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