Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hello Kitty event!

You're probably all sick of hearing about Hello Kitty but you can just skip this post then! :)

We've had free Hello Kitty makeovers all week at our counter and it has been so much fun! I've done makeup on MAC addicts who bought most of the collection, on young teenage girls who were gigling the entire time and weren't interested in the makeup but only in the free makeover, on girls who were just starting out with makeup and wanted to know everything about everything and on a middleaged women on her way to a belly dance class wanting a bright purple+blue eyeshadow look :D
It's been crazy but fun!

And it wasn't only the makeovers that were fun... I've been really excited about dressing up as Nice kitte on some days and Naughty kitty on others! You should have seen my naughty kitty makeup yesterday... I really wish I had gotten a picture :(
I did crazy eyeliner on the bottom lashline using Deep Blue Green pigment winged out really long, the neutral Creme Royal eyeshadow on the lid with the purple Strayin' eyeshadow on the inner lid and Reflects blue glitter all over. I had Cyber lipstick with Nice Kitty lipgloss on top. Wild but fun :D

... I must have looked like a freak when I walked home wearing that "crazy makeup", neon pink thights with fishnet stockings and huuuuuge pink earrings. Oh, and I had a HK balloon with me too, lol :D


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