Friday, November 6, 2009

UD Book of Shadows vol. II: Swatches and color comparisons!

I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get this done but here it is ;)

If you didn't see the review, you can find it here :)

I'll show you all the swath pictures first, and then I'll write a couple of thoughts in the end.
I compared only with MAC eyeshadows because that was the easiest for me to do, and by showing the new Urban Decay colors next to well known MAC shades, it might give you an idea of the shade even if they're not dupes. Hope that makes sense! :)

Remember to click on the pictures to see the full size :D

1: Perversion (perm)
2: Gunmetal (perm)
3: Ecstacy (perm)
4: AC/DC (LE in this palette)
5: Nylon (LE in this palette)
6: Sellout (perm)
7: Mushroom (LE in this palette)
8: Sphynx (LE in this palette)
9: Half Baked (perm)
10: Twice Baked (perm)
11: Midnight Cowboy Rides Again (perm)
12: YDK (perm)
13: Jinx (LE in this palette)
14: Flipside (perm)
15: Homegrown (LE in this palette)
16: Misdemeanor (LE in this palette)
17: Bourbon 24/7 eyeliner (perm)
18: Zero 24/7 eyeliner (perm)

1: MAC Carbon
2: UD Perversion
3: MAC Sunset B (LE)
4: UD Sphynx
5: MAC Swish
6: MAC Swimming
7: MAC Bio Green (PRO)
8: UD Homegrown
9: MAC Warm Chill (LE)
10: MAC Springtime Skipper (LE)

1: MAC Showstopper (LE)
2: MAC 100 Strokes (LE)
3: UD Twice Baked
4: MAC Sable

1: MAC Smoke & Diamonds (LE)
2: UD Mushroo
3: UD Gunmeta
4: MAC Silver Rin
5: MAC Pandemonium (LE)
6: MAC Parfait Amou
7: UD Ecstac
8: MAC Beautiful Iris
9: MAC Nocturnelle
10: UD AC/DC
11: MAC Top Hat (LE)

1: UD Jinx
2: MAC Freshwater
3: MAC Tilt
4: MAC Talent Pool (LE)
5: UD Flipside
6: MAC Blue Absinthe (LE)
7: MAC Shimmermoss
8: MAC Honey Lust
10: MAC Woodwinked
11: UD Half Baked
12: UD Nylon
13: MAC All That Glitters
14: UD Midnight Cowboy Rides Again
15: UD Sellout
16: MAC Shroom

Once again, I'd like to say, that I think this palette is a great buy! It has some super pretty colors in it, and even though none of them are extremely unique, I wasn't able to find exact dupes of any of the colors in my collection! :)

I actually wanted to write about my thoughts on each color, but I figured no one would read it anyway, haha! I'm not that great at describing colors, so I guess the pictures are more useful! :)
Feel free to ask questions though! I'll do my best to answer them :)


Carrie said...

Wow, thanks for doing this.

Zoffe said...

You're welcome! :) Hope it was helpful to someone :)

ashica said...

Thank you for doing this! I've been trying to find out what MAC shadows were similar to UD Blaze and Half Baked. I was familiar with MAC Honey Lust and UD Midnight Cowboy (Rides Again)this helped a ton!


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