Monday, March 15, 2010

MAC Trend S/S '10: Pale 'n' Dandy

According to MAC, one of the big makeup trends this season is not about color at all - it's about texture!

MAC named the trend Pale 'n' Dandy, but it's not necessarily about pale skin. It's about paled lips and brows, shine and pearl on the face, no mascara... Yes, NO MASCARA!

So no, you definitely don't have to be pale to sport this seasons super-nude trend - you just have to stay away from bronzer and anything else that might add color to your face ;)

Runway or everyday? 
Is this trend actually wearable or is it just for the runway?
As with any trend, you can feel free to use the parts that you like and stay away from the parts that you don't care for.
That being said, I definitely think this is wearable. Since there's no color involved, this is something everyone can tweak to fit what they like.
A couple of simple things to do to make the look more wearable?
  • Add mascara. It's an important part of the trend to leave the lashes bare, so it's definitely a great idea to try the look out with no mascara first. However, if you feel you need mascara, try a natural one, and while you're at it, why not try a brown instead of black?
  • Add a little neutral eyeshadow, preferably a cream. Why cream? Because that will add more texture to the look rather than just color. Try something like Rubenesque, Groundwork or Constructivist paint pots from MAC.
  • Think about your brows! The trend includes either really pale or super defined brows. If you decide to keep everything else pale, you might find the overall look more wearable if you choose the option of the defined brows instead of the pale ones.
  • Remember the blush! I know I said that you weren't supposed to add any color at all, but adding a flush of color on the apples of your cheeks gives you a much more "healthy" look. Try using liquids or creams as they blend into your skin really nicely and can look really natural!

Look out for my upcoming tutorial on how I interpret the Pale 'n' Dandy trend!

You can read more about the Pale 'n' Dandy trend and see which products MAC would recommend here


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