Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Quick Tip: Dazzleglasses

MAC recently re-released their popular dazzleglasses with the Doubledazzle collection and this time a lot of the colors are going to stay in MACs permanent collection!

Now, the Dazzleglasses are super sparkly but sheer glosses. So how do you make the glitter and color show up better?

Just like my quick tip on glittery eyeshadows, you can make the glitter in Dazzleglasses stand out a lot more by applying them on top of something that has a more opaque color - like a lipstick or lipliner. The Dazzleglasses are actually my favorite gloss type to layer over lipsticks! :)

The glitters in the glosses are not all like the actual base color of the gloss, so depending on the effect you want you can uses different tones as bases.

Here's an example of how different lipsticks and lipliners alter the color and glitter payoff of Funtabulous Dazzleglass which is discribed as "purple with violet pearl":

(click on the picture to view full size)

1: Bare skin (The color will look even more sheer on pigmented lips)
2: MAC Russian Red l/s
3: MAC Gladiola l/s (LE w/ Dame Edna '09) Try Girl About Town for a similar result.
4: MAC St. Germain l/s (perm. in Europe. LE w/ Sugarsweet ´09 in the US)
5: MAC Rebel l/s
6: MAC Odyssey l/s

Of course, this tip would also apply to glittery glosses from other brands! For example, the GOSH light 'n shine lipglosses and the Makeup Store star lips.


Vanessa M. said...

great tips!

em said...

I'm a faitly recent dazzleglass convert, I'm not a fan of them by themsekves on my lips but I love them over lipstick! thanks for the great comparison pic!

Zoffe said...

You're welcome! :)

I know what you mean about the dazzleglasses by themselves Em! I'm not a fan of them by themselves either ;)


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