Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Haul: Fyrinnae!

Can you believe that this is actually my first time ordering from Fyrinnae?!

Don't worry - Except for the Pixie Epoxy on the side, everything is sample sizes (and one was even free!) so I didn't spend a crazy amount of money even though I did get a pretty crazy amount of products for a first haul from somewhere ;)

I'm afraid that this new Fyrinnae relationship could turn into a dangerous addiction.

Click to see full size.
It's huge ;)
I got:

First row, left to right:
  • Chaotic Evil "Brilliant shimmering pink loaded with silvery sparkle. Leans to neutral-cool."
  • Mephisto "This shade is a deep royal blue with a vibrant red sheen that's quite striking when the light hits it. Metallic finish, not sparkley"
  • 1.22 Gigawatts "Our brightest blue! Brilliant shimmery electric blue with flashes of gold sparkle"
  • Parental Advisory "Vivid shimmery royal purple. Almost two-toned because it has a blue base, yet the shimmer takes on a slightly iridescent reddish hue"
Second row, left to right:
  • Arcane Magic: Sorceress "Charcoal, nearly black shadow that with a shimmer that changes from a brilliant aqua to rose to lavender, depending on the light"
  • Darling Misfit "Yet another in our bunch of bright pink/fuschia colours. This is a deep magenta-pink with a contrasting aqua highlight"
  • Digital Faerie "Stunning sky blue with green shimmer"
  • Delvian "This colour hates cameras. In reality, it is a muted greyish blue-violet with a vibrant pink shimmer highlight"
Third row, left to right:
  • Strip Poker "Medium ocean-blue with an orange/copper shimmer highlight and sparkle. Looks green in some light. We really have no idea about the name. Randomness at it's best."
  • Fire Opal "Shimmery, somewhat metallic coppery bronze with hints of red on a satiny charcoal base to boost the colour"
  • Anemone "This is not really green! It's a light sky blue with gold shimmer, but does appear to be a shimmery gold/green in the light, but look at it at an angle, and you get a soft blue."
  • Wicked "Deep, dark purple with turquoise shimmer"
Fourth row, left to right:
  • Arcane Magic: Mystic "Sparkly deep pewter with shimmer that varies from aqua, pink, lavender, silver, and light green, depending on the light"
  • Chlorophyll "Brilliant shimmery orange filled with golden highlights that are reminiscent of the leaves changing colour"
  • Sea Otter "Medium green with soft blue highlights. (like sunlight flashing off the water over green kelp beds where the otters live...sort-of)"
  • Nevermore "A nearly-matte vibrant purple, fairly neutral, but leaning to pink. This shade has a slight satin finish."
Fifth row, left to right:
  • Dragon's Wing "Gorgeous shimmery green with a pale aqua highlight"
  • Bamboo Revolution "Nearly matte vibrant, deep teal green. Just a hint of coordinating shimmer to add dimension. The shade is a little more blue than it looks here"
  • Chrimson Ghost "Satiny ivory-pink in the jar, but once applied (especially wet!) it has a soft glow of light red shimmer in varying hues"
  •  Free Sample: Otherworld "Similar to our Ghost shades, but sparkley, this is a pale "ghostly" aqua shimmer with glimmers of turquoise and blue sparkle"
On the side:
  • Pixie Epoxy "A must-have for shimmery, sparkling shadows! This is not an eye shadow primer, or really a base. It is to keep sparkles on or to make shimmery shadows appear "glossy": a foiled look without foiling"

I can't wait to share swatches of all of these for you!! And a review, maybe? ;)
So far, I'm absolutely in love! Everything has been incredible so far and I just can't wait to use it all!

I'm sorry I haven't done more fun posts lately, but I just haven't had the time! :(
Good thing I've hauled so much since those posts don't take that long, haha :)

I know I still need to post about upcoming MAC collections and I also promised a review on the Lip Tars I got! Grrr... I need to get more time for my blog! ;)


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