Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A weekend in Copenhagen :)

I'm going to Update with MAC tomorrow, yay! :)

What is Update?
Update is something all the MAC Artists go to four times a year, and we're told about new trends, new collections, and most importantly: we get to swatch and try out all the new products! :)

I usually know about all the new collections before Update, since most of the info is posted on Specktra long before my Update takes place. But I'm still excited to try out the products myself and see which ones I'll fall in or out of love with!

Update always takes place in Copenhagen, which is a 3 hour train ride from where I live, so I'll be up early tomorrow (5 am!).

I'm staying in Copenhagen
...For the weekend, that is :)
Usually, Update is only one day, but this time, I have to be there for two days. I might post more about why later :)
Since I'll be there for work both Thursday and Friday, I thought it would be fun to stay there for the weekend!
I'm staying with a friend, and I'm sure we'll have so much fun :)

Blog updates?
I do have a couple of things I'm hoping to blog about while I'm there, but I'm not sure what the "Internet conditions" will be like at the hotel I'm staying at, and I'm honestly not sure how much time I'll have to myself and my computer ;)
We'll see.

Have a great weekend everyone :D


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