Tuesday, April 13, 2010

MAC Trend S/S '10: Dye-A-Tribe

Unlike the MAC Pale 'N' Dandy trend, Dye-A-Tribe is very much about color!
Color in an unexpected, but still very well done, way.
The trend focuses a lot on blending, and because of that, all the fun colors are still quite easy to pull off!

Keep reading to see my thoughts and advice on the Dye-A-Tribe trend! :)

Runway or everyday?
Is this trend actually wearable or is it just for the runway?
As with any trend, you can feel free to use the parts that you like and stay away from the parts that you don't care for.
But! If you like color as much as I do, you'll probably love this trend!
The trend is very much about color, but since it's also so much about blending and fading out the colors nicely, I think it's very wearable! To me, anything is wearable as long as it looks polished and well done, so this trend is right up my alley ;)

If you're not sure how to pull off the Dye-A-Tribe trend, here are a couple of tips:
  • Focus on adding color to only one part of your face if you're not sure how much color you want. Lips, cheeks, OR eyes.
  • Try using your brightest eyeshadow as a well blended eyeliner. That way you can easily wear a fun color without it being too much! Try an angled brush like the MAC #266 or a pencil brush like the MAC #219 to apply the eyeshadow as liner!
  • Blush, blush, blush! Getting away with bright blush is much easier than you think! If you have trouble with bright blushes, try using your face powder on top to blend out any harsh lines and tone the color down a little if you think you've put too much on. A brush like the MAC #188 is great to use for bright blushes since the brush allows you to pick up very little color at a time
  • Mix a super bright and fun lipstick with lip conditioner to make your own tinted lip conditioner that's a lot more everyday-friendly than a super opaque color. Check out this tutorial to see how easy it is.
  • If you feel daring, try experimenting with multi-colored lips! Making a nice gradient effect from one color to another looks super cool and works really well for this trend. 
  • Experiment with color placement and color combinations. As long as it's well blended you really can't go wrong ;)
  • Use the right tools! Blending becomes so much easier if you have the right brushes. I love the MAC #224 and #217 for flawless eyeshadow blending.

Product Suggestions
MAC usually makes a list of product suggestions with their Trends, but it looks like they've already been taken down from the US site, so I'll just list some product suggestions of my own! ;)
  • Bright lipstick! Go for unexpected shades like purples and oranges. Corals are great if you're not into too much color but still want a little bit. I'm currently loving the bright pink Petals & Peacocks lipstick from the MAC Liberty of London collection!
  • Soft eyeliners in fun colors. Try out MAC Eye Kohls, MAC Technakohls or Urban Decay 24/7 liners.
  • MAC Lipmix or Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tars. I actually haven't tried any of these myself, but both products are meant for mixing and are supposed to work great to create lots of unique shades. They even come in colors like blue and yellow!
  • Bright, but still very wearable blushes I like are MAC Dollymix, MAC Style, MAC Peaches and MAC Breezy.
  • For bright eyeshadows, you can really use anything that you like! Some brands to check out for bright eyeshadows are MAC, Makeup Forever, Urban Decay and Sugarpill!
  • For brows, I'm currently loving the MAC Impeccable brow pencils. It allows you to get a great shape and definition to your brows without looking drawn on, and since the focus doesn't seem to be on the brows for this trend, you really want something that gives you a good looking brow without being too noticeable.

I'll probably have a tutorial up tomorrow, so look out for that :)
I'm not sure if I'll just do one or if I should do more since there are soooo many things you could do with this trend.... We'll see :)

Comment time!
  • What are your thoughts on this trend?
  • Do you ever follow trends?
  • Which parts of this trend would you copy and which would you leave on the runway?


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