Thursday, April 15, 2010

Haul & Swatches: OCC Lip Tars!

I finally gave in and ordered some of the famous Lip Tars from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics! ;)

I'll have a full review up later when I've had the chance to actually use them some more, but for now, I just have some swatches and first impression thoughts to share!

  1. Feathered - "Pure white - a mixing must"
  2. Traffic - "True, vivid yellow"
  3. NSFW - "Primary, blue-based red"
  4. Anime - "Vivid, neon pink"
  5. Katricia - "Rich, creamy violet"
  6. RX - "Saturated cyan blue"
  7. Tarred - "True black - a mixing must"
  8. Not pictured: Clear - "Used to mix or sheer"
Choosing the colors
I've said this before, but the main reason I didn't buy any of the lip tars before, was because I couldn't choose which ones to get!

I decided that going for red, yellow, blue, white and black would be good, since I'd be able to mix a ton of colors with those five. However, I loved the look of the purple and suuuuuper bright pink so much that I had to get those too! And come on... The clear was pretty much a given, since I'll be able to mix all kinds of pigment with it to get tons of different colors.

So... MissChievous actually told me on Twitter, that she wouldn't recommend the black one since the color separated for her. But... I just really, really wanted this product to work for me, and since I'd seen so many positive reviews on the black lip tar, I decided to give it a try. I'll definitely keep you updated on how it works out!

I was also told by some of you, that you found the Lip Tars to bleed a lot. I was just too curious about the Lip Tars to not get even if they would bleed a little, and the two colors wore today actually looked pretty good for several hours, but I'll obviously have to test it out for a little longer.

Will I get more? That depends on how much I like them once I actually use them! We'll have to wait and see :D

Where I got them
The Make-up Artist Boutique, which is a UK based shop, was having a 15% off sale, so I took advantage of that ;)
I've never bought from that site before, but I was very very pleased with my experience and would definitely buy from them again!

I wanted to place an order just a couple of hours before the sale ended, but I was having trouble with the payment system (Nochex) so I e-mailed them about it, and they gave me a code to use for the 15% off, in case I didn't get the chance to make a payment before the sale ended.
The girl I e-mailed was very helpful, and not only that... She was replying to me around 11 on a Friday night!

And another plus, for those living in European Union: If you order from a UK site instead of an American site, you won't have to pay customs tax! ;)

I'll have a review up when I've had the time to use these some more :)
I did try out the blue right when I got it (Check out picture on DailyBooth), and I just filmed a tutorial using both the purple and white! I should have it up tomorrow :)


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