Friday, April 2, 2010

Zoffe's favorites: March '10

So, in this post, I asked you if you would want to see posts featuring my monthly favorite products.
Most of you said, that you'd like to see my favorites in a blog posts, some said that they'd like to see them in a video and a couple didn't care to see the favorites at all.

For this first edition of my monthly favorites, I've chosen to do both a video and a blog post. I'm not sure if I'll continue to do it this way or if I'll stick to doing just one of the things.
I'd love to know your thoughts on this! :)

First, let me show you the video, which I've finally been able to upload after YouTube stopped being weird ;)

Now, onto the blog version of My Favorites of the Month

MAC Mineralize SPF15 foundation
I switch up what foundation I'm using all the time, depending on what look I'm going for and how much time I have, but I've been using the new MAC Mineralize foundation a lot this past month!

My skin tends to get quite oily during the day, but that doesn't stop my face from looking dry in the winter. This foundation works really, really well even when my skin looks dry, but I do have to use some kind of oil absorbing powder in my t-zone to make it last.
I've found a perfect combination for me in MAC Mineralize foundation with MAC Blot powder on top!

I apply the foundation using a MAC #130 brush (which I'm also loving, btw!), and that gives me a lot of control and makes the foundation easy to blend.

I used the MAC Mineralize SPF foundation here and here :)

I've talked a lot about Sugarpill this past month, I know! But it's really because I'm loving the products :)
Check out the review I did here, the tutorial I did using the Burning Heart palette here, and the tutorial I did using the Sweetheart palette here.
I've narrowed it down to three favorites:
  • Love+ eyeshadow: An amazingly pigmented (almost) matte red. If you're familiar with MAC Ruby Woo lipstick, this is basically the same color but in eyeshadow form! I actually haven't used this a lot, but I need to mention it because I think it's awesome.
  • Dollipop eyeshadow: Another super pigmented color. This is a bright, matte pink. I've used this quite a lot with different color combinations. I've used it on my cheeks too, and I really liked the way it looked! :D
  • Goldilux loose shadow: Probably my very favorite gold of all time. It looks quite glittery, but the glitter is very fine and the color is smooth. A very unique color!

MAC Stacked 2! (from Spring Colour Forecast)
I know, I know! These were limited edition :/ BUT! I actually just checked the MAC website, and it looks like they're still available!
I really like how metallic these are - like the MAC Solar Bits, but without the creasing! Pure love :)
I posted this look using them :)

Benefit Posie Tint
This is supposed to work both as a lip and a cheek stain. I never use it on my lips since it doesn't really show up, but I *love* it on my cheeks!
Such a pretty, but still quite natural looking cheek stain. Lovely :)

I used it on my cheeks here, here and here :)

MAC #224 brush
This is just one of those brushes that I've always liked, but for some reason I've just been using a lot more lately.
It works amazingly well for applying a small amount of color at a time, and blending everything perfectly!

Urban Decay "Honey" liner and GOSH "Bananas" liner
Urban Decay's Honey eyeliner is just one of those colors that really pops and looks amazing on the waterline. I couldn't find it on the Urban Decay site, so I'm not sure if it was limited edition, but I did find it on
I used it here , here and here
GOSH Bananas eyeliner is a great versatile eyeliner color. Shiny but without being shimmery or glittery and I really like the texture and feel of the GOSH Velvet Touch eyeliners.
My favorite way to use this is as a tearduct area highlight, which I did here.

MAC Viva Glam Cyndi lipstick
The new MAC Viva Glam lipstick, Cyndi, is just one of those colors that work well on so many different skin tones and for so many different looks!
I've tried using it with a lot of different lip liners, including a bright red, a deep pink, a coral and a brown, and they actually all worked well!
I have swatches of this along with the other new Viva Glam lipstick here, and looks using this here and here :)


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