Monday, April 5, 2010

Swatches: Twi-Shadows from Glamour Doll Eyes

Glamour Doll Eyes isn't taking over my blog, I promise! ;) But I just got something exciting in the mail and wanted to share! ;)
These were the products I bought after receiving some to review, which I did here.

I got the Twi-Shadows, which are all inspired by characters from the Twilight Saga.

Keep reading to see swatches and my thoughts on each color!

Let's start off by talking a little bit about my thoughts on Twilight, shall we?
I ended up reading all four books after all the hype. I don't usually read that much(though I'm currently reading The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy) but I finished all four books in under two weeks. I'll admit that I found the books oddly entertaining, but I definitely didn't buy these shadows because they were Twilight inspired.
If anything, I'm usually less likely to buy something if it's Twilight inspired.

But I did end up getting these shadows.
  • I really liked the other products I got from GDE
  • These were on sale for 50% off. They're not anymore, but they're still available as a set for $40. That means you save $20 if you buy them all(which, I know, isn't reason enough to buy them, but it helps!). 
  • I really like buying things in sets. That way I usually end up getting something I wouldn't have bought by itself but I often end up loving anyway.
  • There's free shipping on all interational orders over $30!
  • I searched online and didn't find many reviews, swatches and videos on these. Funny enough, that makes me want to try things even more so that I'm able to swatch/review/do videos with it, haha! :)
I haven't really used any of the shadows yet, so these are just swatches and my initial thoughts on each color!
Remember that you can click on the pictures to see the full size.
 From left to right:
  • Black Ice "is a matte black with a gorgeous silver shimmer". The glitters showed up a lot more in real life so I'm a little disappointed in my picture taking skills ;) I imagine this color will only be better when used on top of a dark base. Not like the Graffiti color that I tried, which I wasn't very pleased with. I'm really looking forward to using this color!
  • Big Brother "is a greyish green color". I think the color description is pretty accurate. It's a very pretty green and even though it's quite pigmented, the color is more muted than bright. I think it'll be great to use with other greens or as a soft pop of color in neutral looks.
  • Perfect Cure "is a medium brown with a low sheen, almost matte, with a tiny bit of gold and green sparkle". To be honest, I didn't find this color 'almost matte' as its description says, but I do like the color a lot. I don't use colors like that very often, but I think I should! :)
  • Family Secret "is a pearly white". Standard, pearly white. This color isn't super pigmented, but I really like how smooth it is. I find a lot of shiny whites are often too shimmery and chunky.
  • Skin of a Killer "is a pale pearly white with gold sparkle". At first I didn't see much of a difference in this and Family Secret, but this is actually a lot less white and has a much more golden sheen to it. I definitely think that this is the more wearable out of the two, but you probably don't need both.

From left to right:
  • Mind Reader "is a matte almost black blue with gold and silver shimmers". This was more of a navy blue in real life but it was quite hard to capture in pictures. Just like Black Ice, the glitters were actually visible in real life too! Swatch picture fail on my part.
  • Mood Swing "is a greyish blue with some shimmer". This had some very pretty shimmer to it without being too glittery. Since it's a quite light blue color I like that it has some grey to it and isn't just blue. I find that makes it more wearable and less Barbie-like. Can't wait to see what I can come up with with this color :)
  • Premonition "is a gorgeous dark greyish lavender". Definitely GORGEOUS! This is such a pretty and unique color that I can't wait to use!! The duochrome effect in this is just so pretty!
  • Just Bitten "is a gorgeous shimmery burgundy with some gold sparkle". I don't see too much gold sparkle in this one but it's definitely a pretty color! I don't think it's like anything I already have! It's just dark enough not to be red but red enough to not just look brown or black.
  • Dear Mom "is soft and pink with a little bit of a purple sparkle". To me, the sparkle looks more silver than purple but it's still a very nice and smooth soft pink. I actually have tried this on my cheeks already and I loved the way it looked.

 Comment time!
  • What Glamour Doll Eyes colors have you tried?
  • What do you think about GDE making a collection based on Twilight characters?
  • What looks would you do using these colors?


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